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Are Oak trees too big to fall over?

NOPE! Oak trees are especially susceptible to falling over. The way an Oak trees root system grown compared to the height and weight of the top side (canopy) makes these trees tip over more often than you might think. Florida is known for its wild hurricane weather and summer thunderstorms. With that heavy wind and rain fall almost daily it seems like. With just the right wind gust coupled with "wet" trees, meaning the tree is saturated with water, the entire oak tree can just topple over. Ok I might have exaggerated a bit before when I hinted that it happens often, but it does happen. A lot of times poor pruning practices lead to this. How so? Well, whether it's one trim or years of trimming if its not done right or done so in a way that the future is being considered you could take a lot of weight off of one side of the tree causing the tree to want to lean over and when a good gust of wind comes the whole tree, roots and all will just pop right up and tip over. The root system, relatively speaking, doesn't grow super deep, they tend to grown more outward because of this, sometimes there's just not enough to hold it down. Make sure whenever you're getting trimming done things are done evenly and the future of the tree is considered. Even if the cuts are good and in the right spot the health of the tree may not be affected, but the vulnerability could be.

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