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Safety with Chainsaws

Updated: Jan 4

Obviously chainsaw are a dangerous tool, necessary for the trimming and felling of trees, chainsaws make quick work of otherwise difficult and strenuous tasks. But what goes into safely operating this piece of equipment? Well perhaps the most important part is proper sharpness of the chain. Not only do you need razor sharp edges, but they need to be at the proper angle and proper depth. To achieve this there are specially design files and guides and you can refer to the box the chain comes in for accurate angles and depths. Also you need to understand different chains are available for different types of work. The same kind of chain

you put on your trim saw may be different from a felling saw, which may be different from the saw you use on the ground to cut up the material. Having the right chains will get you a long way in your safety while operating a saw. Another overlooked PPE when using chainsaws are eyewear. Although it seems obvious, many "professionals" will do a full days work with no safety glasses of any kind on. Those might be the 2 biggest safety precautions when operating a chainsaw. Some other equipment the shouldn't be optional would include a helmet as falling debris can cause serious injury, for ground guys, chainsaw pants to stop the chain should it kick back or kick off to the side on you, and lastly earplugs of some sort. Chainsaws are loud. and running then for hours at a time is deafening.

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