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Practice Safe Tree Limb Removals: A Guide by Wesley Chapel Tree Service

Updated: Jan 4

Trimming, and removing tree limbs can be an especially dangerous operation. Often times we deal with limbs over houses, fences, utilities, and more. having the knowledge to make proper cuts and safely rigging down large limbs is vital to a safe operation. From the very first cut until everything is packed up and we're off the property it is key to stay alert and aware of falling debris and debris laying on the ground. Another key to safety is to have sharp chains with properly functioning safety equipment on them and proper PPE and excellent communication between team members. A typical removal begins by inspection the tree to be removed, going over a plan of attack with all team members, setting rigging lines and beginning to cut. once the process of cutting has started we keep the ground clean and clear of debris. When the tree is down to a stump, we bring in a stump grinder to turn that stump into a mulch pile which we either spread out or haul off. Then we clean up our tools and equipment and move onto the next.

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