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When is it Time to Trim Your Trees?

A lot of people have questions about how often or what to trim on their trees. Truth be told there really isn't a one size fits all answer. Oak trees, Palm trees, Pine trees, all require different maintenance schedules for trimming. A palm tree should be trimmed as much as twice per year to remove seed pods and dead palm fronds, where an oak tree should have minor trimming annually to keep branches from encroaching over roadways or near structures and every 3 years may require major cuts. Over trimming your palms is a common mistake people make. They will trim the tree 2-3 times per year into a "hurricane" or "pineapple" cut leaving only 3 or 4 palm fronds sticking straight up. Done occasionally is ok for a palm tree, but never allowing it to grow more than that creates a bad crown at the top of the tree and a weak spot on the tree, which over time will produce unhealthy results and eventually a dead tree. Oak trees are one of the most wrongfully cut trees in the area. Beginning from when theyre young oaks should be thought about what they will look like and how they will grow 10-20 years in the future. A proper oak trimming at it's youth should be cut so it has 1 dominant branch growing up and 3 to 4 branches growing out. Annually these oaks should be trimmed of "suckers" growing out of the base and any branches growing downward should be cut. Once mature you will have a big beautiful healthy oak tree. Once they become mature its very important to keep an eye on the canopy as well as the root system to ensure these roots aren't growing under your homes foundation or sidewalks. As for the canopy you'll want to keep things trimmed back from structures or roadways and sidewalks. Be careful not to do too much trimming during the wrong time of year. Cooler weather seasons are best time for mature oak trimming when big branches need to be removed, because this gives the tree time to heal itself before the hot season where it runs the risk of being burned up. Know when to call the professionals. Wesley Chapel Tree Service is happy to help answer any of your questions about tree trimming and removal.

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